Malacca Trip


It's obviously 'throw back' theme in my blog today. But not as what have been trend in Instagram hashtag 'tbt' which means 'throw back Thursday' because today is Saturday! It's been a while, I haven't had a spare time like today, because currently I'm in internship experience for 6 months started from August, so its like another 4 months to go. Been thinking to share my internship experience to you guys in my next post. However, today is about throw back, so let's move on.

This is the travel log that I made in more or less 1 year ago. It's essentially about my journey to Malacca with my friends, as we know that Malacca is famous with it's food and Jonker Street (Unfortunately I heard the rumour said it was no longer open). The Jonker Street is actually the name of street that are full of foods corners just like night market. But the foods are so delicious and cheap, in addition its only open in the weekend.

We went for culinary session on that day, we ate a lot. But sadly I only able to take a few pictures with me. And I tried to compile it for my travel log. Back to the heading of this blog which about my project portfolio, so this travel log is actually the project for my Interior Design subject. Seriously, I have no idea what it is related to. But anyway, I enjoyed this so much, and its just nice to have my own travel journal.