The Lace Up Trend


I've been seeing the lace-up trend everywhere, since the beginning of 2017. Usually the lace-up detailing are seen in a lingerie or night-time pieces, at least in sexy dresses. But many thanks to our favourite designers who came up with the lace-up detailing in such an interesting ways. It seems popular with the sweaters and t-shirt, that absolutely brings an edge to any outfit, comfortable and casual look.

I found a cropped t-shirt with a lace-up detailing on Romwe Fashion. The t-shirt itself has a very good material, plus the lace-up detailing on the both sides give such an unique statement. I paired this Double Lace-up Hem Crop T-shirt from Romwe Fashion with a basic black pants to upping the edgy game yet still look comfy and casual!

Buy the Double Lace-up Hem Crop T-shirt in HERE or visit Romwe Fashion for more cool outfits in any season!



[ADS] Pengalaman Berjualan di Carousell


Diawali dengan hobi belanja karena 'laper mata' dan ga tahan liat tulisan 'SALE'! Alhasil kamarku penuh dengan barang-barang tak terpakai. Bingung mau diapain.. Mau kasih ke orang tapi sayang, mau dijual tapi ga tau jualnya dimana. Hmmmm

Apakah kalian pernah mengalami hal yang sama? Mau tau gimana cara aku menghadapi hal tersebut? Yuk baca postingan aku sampai habis ya, karena aku mau share pengalamanku berjualan di Carousell.

Mungkin beberapa dari kalian pasti familiar dengan aplikasi Carousell. Buat yang masih penasaran, Carousell adalah aplikasi mobile yang pertama kali di-launching pada Agustus 2012 di Singapore, dan hingga sekarang udah tersebar diberbagai negara di Asia, termasuk Indonesia. Kalian bisa download aplikasi Carousell secara gratis di iOS App Store, Android Play Store, atau cek di Https://

Setelah download, kalian bisa membuat profile dengan mengisi data diri lengkap atau langsung saja connect ke Facebook. Jangan lupa search dan follow profile Carousell-ku di Tiffanikosh atau di Https:// ya :)

Di Carousell, terdapat banyak kategori barang yang bisa dijual, mulai dari kategori Preloved Women's Fashion, Health & Beauty, Photography, Electronics & Gadgets, Cars, Property, Tickets & Vouchers, dan lain sebagainya. Pokoknya hampir semua barang bisa dijual di Carousell!

Cara menjual barang di Carousell juga sangat gampang, berikut adalah beberapa step yang bisa kalian ikuti,

1. Tap 'Sell' di tengah layar Carousell

2. Capture atau pilih foto barang yang ingin dijual, usahakan barang difoto dengan jelas diberbagai sisi.

3. Lengkapi 'details' dengan mengisi 'category, item dan price' pada kolom yang sudah tersedia. lalu 'SUMBIT'

Semua barang yang kalian jual bisa dilihat di profile Carousell masing-masing, dan kalo ada yang berminat, akan ada penawaran di kolom chat kanan atas aplikasi Carousell.

Transaksi di Carousell bisa langsung dilakukan dengan cara memberikan nomor rekening ke pembeli dan sebaliknya pembeli akan memberikan alamat pengiriman barangnya. Menuruku, transaksi di Carousell ini sangatlah cepat dan praktis, tapi juga sangat bebas, karena ga ada pengawasan dari team Carousell. Jadi, kita harus lebih berhati-hati dalam menilai apakah pembeli/penjual tersebut trusted atau tidak, dengan cara melihat testimoni yang ada di profile Carousell masing-masing.

Sekitar dua tahun belakangan ini, aku sudah menjual ratusan barang di Carousell. Mulai dari preloved fashion, beauty, vouchers, dan sebagainya. Aku senang sekali karena ga hanya mengurangi barang tak terpakai dikamar, membuat kamarku lebih tertata rapi, juga menambah pemasukan uang jajanku.

Sama halnya dengan berbisnis atau berdagang, pastinya ada kendala yang aku alami saat berjualan di Carousell. Mulai dari pembeli yang tidak serius dan hanya ingin menawar barang dengan harga rendah, sampai hampir tertipu oleh salah satu pembeli yang menyatakan sudah mentransfer uang padahal belum ditransfer. Tapi selain itu, ada lebih banyak pembeli yang serius, friendly, dan malah menjadi langganan, yang membuat aku semakin aktif berjualan di Carousell.

Yuk sama-sama jadi penjual dan pembeli di Carousell! Info lebih lanjut, kalian bisa cek di Https:// atau Instagram dan jangan lupa follow profile Carousell-ku di Tiffanikosh atau cek di Https:// see you there!


[EVENT REPORT] Bring Back The Moisture of Your Beautiful Skin during Ramadhan with DOVE


Well-nourished and moisturized skin will always be every women's desire. However the more we do outside activities, the more chances for the skin to get dehydrated. Actually, there are few things we can do to bring back the moisture on the skin - that I've learnt through the event with Dove - "Bring Back The Moisture of Your Beautiful Skin During Ramadhan", associated with Sociolla and Beauty Journal.

Its very easy to lose the moisture on the skin; simply from getting less water intake, too much Sunlight exposure, till washing the face constantly! To be honest, I'm a bit confused about the last statement. How come washing the face can result dryness on the skin.

Ms. Fiona Anjani Foebe as the Head of Marketing Face Care PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk stated that, "Face is one of the most sensitive part of the skin that is really easy to get dry, by washing the face constantly using the wrong products can result the skin loses its natural moisturizing factor."

The Statement also supported by Dr. Melyani Hermawan SpKK as the skincare expert, "Most of the regular cleanser products doesn't have a formula that can keep the moisture on the face. Moreover in the Ramadhan Month, for those who do the fasting loses the skin moisture two times faster than the normal people. To conquer that problems, Dove Facial Foam which is formulated with Nutrium Moisture Beauty Serum that is able to keep the natural moisture and nutrition on the skin."

Ms. Widyawati Salim as R&D Manager Skin Care PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk revealed that, "Dove Facial Foam is formulated with Nutrium Moisture Beauty Serum which is the combination between Stearic Acid and Glycerin. Its one of the moisture ingredients that can help to fix the skin barrier and keep the moisture content on the skin. Therefore, Dove Facial Foam is able to absorb the water and lock it at the same time, so the skin will look well-nourished and moisturized."

Well, I'm pretty excited about this new launch products from Dove. There are three variants from Dove Facial Foam that will suit to particular skin types,

Dove Facial Foam Beauty Moisture (Blue Tube) - for normal, sensitive, and dry skin. It nourishes and keep the natural moisture on the skin.

Dove Facial Foam Deep Pure (Green Tube) - for oily or combination skin. It has a micro-puffs to cleanse while providing the moisture on the skin.

Dove Facial Foam Inner Glow (Orange Tube) - for dull skin. It smoothen and moisturizes skin for a glowing result.

Beside those three facial foam, also there's Dove 3 in 1 Makeup Remover - for every skin types. It is the combination of makeup remover, facial foam and beauty serum, with the function to remove the makeup while keeping the moisture on the skin. 

According to my current skin condition, I'm using Dove Facial Foam Beauty Moisture (Blue Tube) in these past three days. I love its creamy texture with soothing scent, also I can feel the result right away after washing the face, it feels really soft and supple! Sometimes I even forgot to put on my moisturizer afterwards, cause my skin is already well-moisturized, hahaha. 

I guess that's all about the event report and my mini review on Dove Facial Foam. You can buy any of Dove products at Sociolla and use my discount code SBNLA9W7 to get IDR 50.000 off with the minimum purchase IDR 250.000.

Thank you for reading, see you in my next post!



[REVIEW] The Balm, Photobalm Powder Foundation


Attended the launching of The Balm studio at Plaza Senayan with my fellow bloggers from Clozette Indonesia, influencers and medias. On that fine afternoon, we had a fun talk with The Balm CEO, as well as the guest star Astrid Satwika about The Balm products and tips to get glowing makeup look, while exploring the stores and try the favorite the balm products, from the eye shadow, lipstick, bronzer, highlighter, and I also found their new launching product: Photobalm Powder Foundation, that I'm going to give it a review and swatch in this post.

Photobalm Powder Foundation is a compact powder that contains a foundation, so you might not need any foundation to achieve a flawless complexion. This also innovated with photo-ready formula that is ideal for all skin types and sure will up the selfie game, no filter neccessary!

The packaging is super duper cute just like the other The Balm' products, it has a very vintage cover with different figure showing up different skin-tones. There are 8 shades available on the website, After Dark, Dark, Medium Dark, Mid Medium, Medium, Light Medium, Light, and Lighter Than Light. But only 5 shades available in Indonesia, including Medium Dark, Mid Medium, Medium, Light Medium, Light

I got mine in the shade Light Medium. I love how the texture is really light and just melted on my skin. The formula also buildable, I can apply more products without feeling too heavy or cakey, the finish is just flawless and matte as my liking!

This is definitely one of my holy grail products, cause its very versatile since I can use it on everyday-basis or any semi to formal occasions. Normally I apply one layer for just a natural look, or more layers for a formal-look. Beside that, the packaging is just very handy and trendy, seems like its unbreakable with a hard cover that will keep the content safe. So I really recommend this Photobalm Powder Foundation to anyone of you. You can try and grab this at The Balm counter or



[REVIEW] POLKA Matteness Eye And Brow Lacquer


After the success with Matteness Lip Lacquer series, POLKA is currently just introduced their new product innovation: Matteness Eye And Brow Lacquer, its a multifunction eye shadow and eye brow lacquer with the creamy texture, also easy to shape, fill and volumize the brow to get thick yet natural look. It comes in such a cute and colourful box with a bottle of eye and brow lacquer, spoolie and angled brush.

POLKA Matteness Eye And Brow Lacquer has a slim applicator, which made it sort of handy to use as an liquid eye shadow as well as eye brow pomade. 

And here are few steps to use POLKA Matteness Eye And Brow Lacquer!

Pick a small amount of the product and use the angled brush, by tracing the natural shape of the eyebrows. The product is really creamy and pigmented, made its easy to draw on my eyebrows.

(PS: Don't worry if you go out of the line, because later on it can be corrected with the concealer)

Fill in the brows by applying colour in the direction of hair growth. Be careful to apply it gently in a small amount of product, cause in the next it will be blended to achieve a natural look.

Use spoolie brush to blend and groom brows. Just put more products if you are not satisfied with the thickness.

This step is used for an aye shadow. Use product applicator to put small amount of product to your eyelid, and blend it with fingers or eyeshadow brush, to build matte effect and dimension to your eyes.

There are two shades of POLKA Matteness Eye and Brow Lacquer, Rockabilly (natural brown) and Moonwalk (natural grey). 

I found this POLKA Matteness Eye and Brow Lacquer is better to be used as an eyebrow pomade due to its super pigmented formula, very-long lasting and creamy texture that I really enjoy using it. On the other hand, I tried to use it for eyeshadow but the content dries really fast which made it quite hard to blend on the eyelid.

Last but not least, a big thanks to POLKA Cosmetic and Sociolla for the opportunity to try POLKA Matteness Eye and Brow Lacquer. For those of you who wants to try POLKA products, you can browse through Sociolla page HERE and feel free to shop the products for less IDR 50.000 by using my code SBNLA9W7.



[EVENT REPORT AND REVIEW] Absolute New York ICON Eyeshadow Palette & Lip Mousse


On May 17th 2017, I attended the grand launching Absolute New York in Grand Indonesia East Mall. Exactly at their very first free-standing store in Indonesia, with my fellow bloggers from Clozette Indonesia, beauty enthusiasts and media.

The event began with a short introduction about Absolute New York directly from its CEO and Founder from New York. For those of you who don't familiar with the brand Absolute New York, its a drugstore products that provide an extensive array of contemporary, professional product lines that offer both trendy and classic necessities with such an affordable price!

From the stores, there are a lot ranges of beauty products you can find, starts from the foundation, contouring kit, blush on, eyeshadow palette, variety finish of lipsticks, and many more.

Strolling through the stores made me tempting to buy them all. The price drives me crazy, it starts from IDR 100.000, who can resist??? And luckily Clozette Indonesia and Absolute New York let me try the ICON Eyeshadow Palette and Lip Mousse - that I'm going to review in this post.


There are three variants from ICON Eyeshadow Palette by Absolute New York; Smoked, Exposed and Twilight. Those comes in a high quality tin packaging, along with a brush to apply and blend the eye shadow.

Its a hard times for me to choose between the colourful and neutral shades. For daily-wear, I'm always on the neutral-warm sides, but there's some occasion I need a colourful shades to play with. So guess what, I ended up with the shade 'Twilight' which has more colourful shades ranges from white, yellow, gold, peach, pink, purple, blue and black. Not only the colour are amazing, the formula is really pigmented, buttery and its shimmer stays all day long. Perfect to wear from day to night. And the best thing is, this only costs IDR 255.000 for such a great quality of products.


Now let's move on to the lip mousse! there are 14 shades ranges from nude to bold colour. But I choose to stay with nude shade cause I guess this could be a great to blend with my other lipstick. The shade that I pick is 'Ginger', its a nude-warm shade. It such a pretty colour, especially if you apply more layers, cause the formula is kinda less-pigmented on my lip. But the texture is really light and soft just like a chocolate mousse, hahaha. Just like I said before, this would be great to blend with other lipstick since its texture really light and less-pigmented. Plus this is only cost IDR 130.000, such a great deal right?

If you are interested to try and buy the products, you could check out from their stores at Grand Indonesia East Mall and Central Park Mall. Meanwhile, go visit their Website, Instagram and Facebook Page first.