Healthy Treats: Overnight Oats and Chia Pudding


Overnight oat and chia pudding are my staple treats for breakfast, snack, or dessert. Its very easy to make, delicious and healthy considering the high content of proteins, fibers and healthy omega fats from chia seeds, oats and healthy topping I used such as yogurt, almond milk, as well as nuts and fruits. 

This time, I'm really excited to try and introduce the local healthy dessert company Frubar Jakarta. They delivers ranges of flavours from over night oats, chia pudding and yogurt bowl of fruits around Jakarta area. You might want to droll over their feeds on Instagram @frubarjakarta.
Since I'm a bit curious about all the tempting flavours they got, they recommend me to try the small jars of overnight oats and chia pudding. Doesn't it look cute!


Flavours from the bottom left are,

Apple Yogurt
Chia seeds, milk, plain yogurt, apple, oat crunch
Chia seeds, milk, plain yogurt, banana, raw cacao, oat crunch
Cinnamon Roll
Rolled oats, milk, yogurt, chia seeds, fresh apple, cinnamon

From the middle left are,

Brownie Batter

Rolled oats, milk, plain yogurt, chia seeds, homemade nutella, raw cacao

Monkey Bites
Rolled oats, milk, plain yogurt, chia seeds, banana, raw cacao

And the top one is,

Berry Lychee
Chia seeds, milk, strawberry yogurt, strawberry and lychee

All of them tastes really good, but my pick is cinnamon roll! 

I love how the fresh apple give the crunchiness and sweetness at the same time, plus the smell of vanilla and cinnamon are amazing. Not forget to mention, the combination of soaked rolled oats and chia seeds blends very well, gives a nice texture and I confessed its very filling despite the jar looks small. You can tell from the ingredients itself, they used rolled oats, milk, plain yogurt, chia seeds, apple and cinnamon which are very filling yet nutritious, packed with proteins, fibers, essential fats, healthy probiotics and lots of calcium!

In addition, my boyfriend also taste them all and he loves berry lychee, the combination of fresh strawberry and lychee ends up very refreshing and sweet.

I don't know how about you guys, if you like something chocolaty, so the brownie batter, monkey bites and banana-tella are perfect for you. But if you like something refreshing and sweet, you should definitely go for cinnamon roll, apple yogurt and berry lychee! And if you are not sure just like me, you better grab the small handy jars from them and have varieties of flavours each days for your breakfast, snack or dessert.

Its so good to have these healthy treats in your diet since almost the ingredients they used are flat-belly friendly food! Instead of skipping meals which ended up overeating, its better to include a healthy, yummy and super filling snack on-the-go just like these handy jar from Frubar Jakarta.

XO Tiffani

 Photo: Zake Wijaya


Aqua Peel Treatment at Dermaster Indonesia


As a human being, of course that's my responsibility to take care of my skin for both face and body. Cause who doesn't wanna look pretty and healthy? And of course its the only skin I ever got and I will lived in for the rest of my life! 

Even I always put on my skincare product especially for my face every-single-day and watching my water intake closely, I can't lie that I still have skin problems such as acne, blackheads, dehydration even fine line wrinkles that can be caused due to unbalanced hormone or terrible pollution. So, its a must for me to have a facial treatment at least once a month to cleanse the pores and get rid of dead skin cells. However, thats kinda hard to keep my facial schedule on check since I always need a little downtime just to make sure the redness and flaky skin as my dead skin sheds - looking back to normal. The quick way to solve my skin complication is by covering it with makeup product which is absolutely makes my skin getting worse - until now I discover the most convenient way to take care of my skin by having a facial treatment without any pain and redness/flaky skin. Guess what it is! That's the 'Aqua Peel' treatment which has been popular all over Korea.

Once again, a big thanks to my friend Ita Masytha to recommend me the 'Aqua Peel' treatment at Dermaster Indonesia. In case you are not familiar with Dermaster, they are the leading Korean beauty clinic in Seoul since 2002 as known to always put the high standard by providing the advanced technology as well as knowledgeable doctors/nurses. Dermaster has been spread all over Asia including Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Phillipines, HongKong, Taiwan, Thailand, China even Los Angeles USA and now Dermaster has finally come to Indonesia bringing the best solution for the beauty from head to toe through their services like thread lift, botox, filler, korean aqua peel, korean slimming, laser, acne/scars treatment as well as hair treatment

Considering my current skin issue, I prefer to try the 'Aqua Peel' which known to give the same results as what most facials give without the pain and of course without leaving a redness/flaky skin. As I researched more about this 'Aqua Peel' beauty trend, stated that the result is even better than a regular facial cause beside the steps including the cleanse, exfoliate and extract the pores as well as dead skin cells, as the name 'Aqua' it meant to deep hydrate the skin safely and painlessly! So, let's see how its like...

Step 1 - Begin with cleansing my face from the dirt and excess make-up on my face.

Step 2 - Time to deep cleansing the dead skin cells by exfoliating in massage motion, of course with natural and organic Korean skin products.

Step 3 - Extracting the visible blackheads for maximum result.

Step 4 - Move on to vacuum extract with dermabrasion treatment which is perfect to deep cleanse the pores and remove the dead/dull layers of skin without the pain.

Step 5 - By using the same dermabrasion treatment, special serums (Vit C) are injected into the deeper layers of the skin while exfoliation process is going on. It feels very soothing and hydrating because of the serums, they also said its an effective way to stimulate the collagen production and rejuvenation, leaves the youthful glow to the skin!

DONE!!! The whole treatment only took me less than half an hour, and the best part is it has no downtime so I can immediately return to normal activities. This treatment is definitely perfect for busy people who wants a quick soothing facial treatment with a great result safely and painlessly.

This 'Aqua Peel' treatment is basically suit every skin problems from acne, congestion, blemishes, dull and oily skin, dehydration, fine lines wrinkles, even the sensitive skin. By using the dermabrasion treatment, it allows the serums injected into the deeper layers of skin for total hydration which makes the result remarkable. As you can see my face looked soft, with a clearer and smoother texture. However, for the lasting and more significant result will be seen after 4 to 6 treatments once every 3-4 weeks. Absolutely will consider this treatment nearly in the future cause I adore the luminous effect on my skin.

Full video coverage 'Aqua Peel' treatment at Dermaster Indonesia is down here!

If you have any questions, just leave it on the comment box bellow. I would love to answer it all! Last but not least, don't forget to check out their Instagram for more updates and special promotions @dermaster_id

XO Tiffani

 Photo: Zake Wijaya


Restarting A Healthy Lifestyle (3 Days Detox Diary)


In the past year, I was very energetic and enthusiast on healthy lifestyle. I watched my food intake diligently, working out like there's no tomorrow, and never think about unprocessed foods. But starting on 2016, I allow myself to have some sweets and junk foods on festive season when my family and friends coming in town. One bites turned into the whole package! I feel so bloated and lazy to work out afterwards. Then I keep eating processed foods and missed the whole week away from the gym.

Because of that, I gained extra pounds which made me feel like really need to get back on track. However, thats not easy for me. Every time I got stressed out on work loads, I always crave on sweets and junk foods.

Till one day, Cold Press Indonesia as one of the healthy and balanced lifestyle company, contacted me to try their detox program. Despite the hype of detox or juice cleanse program since the past year, I never got a chance to try one of it. Thats because first I have no time to prepare all the fresh produces, secondly the high quality cold press juicer definitely gonna cost me lots of money. The only convenient way is by reaching one of the trusted cold press juice company like Cold Press Indonesia.

I'm so excited and positive to begin this juice cleansing journey, before that I read few articles stated that juice cleanse can reset the body's system and help to demolish the unhealthy cravings. It was like clearing out the bad habits and starting over a healthy lifestyle. Sounds interesting right, now let's move on to my very first juice cleansing journey.


As the guidelines given by Cold Press Indonesia, its better to stay away from bad stuffs like processed foods which contained a lot of refined sugar and preservative. Don't ever think to eat a lot of dirty foods and wishing the detox program will clear it out. So, what I ate in three days prior to my detox schedule was pretty much fruits and veggies. Even no meat, poultry as well as dairy products at all. But I still going out with my friends and enjoy my sister's birthday during this time. Just remind myself to thoughtfully decide the healthier menu like salad or fresh juices.


The day before I began my detox program, all the bottles are delivered safely right outside my door. First thing in the morning around 7AM, I started with 'Green Boost'. From the first sip, the celery taste was quite strong, with a little bit of sweet and sour from apple and lemon. Well, that's not too bad considering all the nutrients I got from up to 1,2 kgs high quality produce in a bottle. Feeling very healthy and nourished.

Then I continue with my second bottle which is 'Nutty Nuts', I drank half of the bottle before I went to the gym by 9AM and finished it right after my workout by 11AM. This 'Nutty Nuts' goodness perfectly suit my schedule, just look at how amazing the ingredients - almond, walnut, chia and filtered water. The protein, fiber and healthy fats are enough to replenish my muscle after long session workout.

So, around 1AM the hunger strikes me and its time for this 'Coco Berry'. The coconut water combined with pear and blueberry really hydrates my body in the sunny days. Not forget to mention, this goodness tastes very sweet, refreshing and leaves me wanting more.

Two hours later, its time for my forth bottle. From the colour you can say its a green juice. Just like the first bottle which is 'Green Boost', this 'Lean Green' tastes a bit sweeter cause it has pear and orange. Anyway, I went to the toilet like a million times on the first day of detoxing. A quick tip if you wanted to try this detox program, just stay close with the toilet!

My fifth bottle is 'Nutty Nuts' again, this bottle of almond, walnut and chia seeds is my life saver. Due to the Power Cleanse program that I picked, they thoughtfully serve me enough protein, fibers and healthy fats to keep me full and powerful all day. This is what I loved from Cold Press Indonesia, they have a service to customize detox program to suit my personal goal.

Lastly, I ended the day with 'Fountain Youth'. This last juice of the day is definitely my favorite one. It tastes very sweet, refreshing and full of antioxidant, just look at the high quality ingredient on this bottle.


Day 2

 Thats unbelievable, I didn't wake up hungry even though I had no solid foods the day before. I also got very good sleeping quality and my body feels so much lighter this morning. I even feel very energized to gear up the gym. 

Well, I won't say I didn't have a craving on solid foods. My trick is to keep busy with other things and just drink the juices prior to drinking schedule which is about 2 hours range. You might think that I'll be hungry so bad, but honestly I don't feel hungry at all.


Again, there's no morning hunger strikes. I woke up feel refreshed and ready to start my morning with my 'Green Boost' and a gentle yoga. This detox program is getting easier day by day, and those cravings on bad stuffs are just gone. I'm so excited to end my day 3 and starting over the next days with a lot of nutritious foods.

Anyway, just to update you that I still went to the toilet continuously even though I only feed myself with bottles of juices in the past couple days. This might due to chia seeds on my 'Nutty Nut' bottles. If you don't know about chia seeds, its one of the superfoods that I loved the most cause it has good amounts of protein, essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and all the carbs in it are fibers which is going to flush the toxins away. Double Thumbs up for Cold Press Indonesia, they serves the best for my body. I also didn't have a hard times finishing up my bottles since all of it was very tasty, refreshing and nutritious, also it never leaves me hungry during the whole detox program.


To be honest, I missed my 'Green Boost' to start my day. However, I got another cold press juices from Cold Press Indonesia which taste a lot sweeter and nutritious as well. I began with their tropical greens this morning and try to keep eating light and healthy. 

If you are wondering whether I lost some weights. Yes, I lost around 2 kgs after ended this detox program. This will be mostly water weight and I'll probably gain it back afterwards. But since my body had been reset, I will keep eating healthy alongside my workout routine, so the weight will go into my muscle.

Last but not least, if you guys intended to start a new healthy lifestyle, this detox program from Cold Press Indonesia is really worth to try. It will reset your body's system for a better digestion and absorption of nutrients. Right after the detox ended, go with nutrient-dense foods since your body will be better at absorbing those vitamins, minerals and antioxidant. Nevertheless, you won't see the changes in your body right away but it will be seen up to 21 days after you change the new healthy lifestyle. Just get ready for the better hair, skin, nails and overall body.

Do check out Cold Press Indonesia on their Instagram @coldpressid for more info and updates, or you can get fit and healthy with me by following my healthy foods diary at Instagram @organically_id.

XO Tiffani

Photo: Zake Wijaya


Beauty Without Worry with 'Caring by Biokos'


On March 17th 2016, I feel so honoured to be invited to the event 'Beauty Without Worry' which presented by the best local skin-care product Martha Tilaar group, at Wyl's Kitchen, Veranda Hotel that has kind of dreamy interior settings and matched very well with the our white/silver dress code. The venue also packed with the beautiful ladies from the beauty bloggers, media as well as a group of professionals.

From the entrance we were allowed to check and consulting about our skin conditions, there were also a quick photo-booth session.

Not forget to mention, I had a delicious lunch and snack too. Once again thank you Martha Tilaar group for treating us very well!

Anyway, let's get back to this event. It is actually about the new skin-care make-up products launching by - Caring by Biokos, from the collaboration of Biokos with MT France Lab and Caring Advance Technology.

Since most of modern women nowadays who wore make-up almost everyday, has kind of skin problems due to chemical ingredients contained in the make-up products. Here as the leading beauty product industry in Indonesia, Martha Tilaar group through Caring by Biokos releasing the new approach for the beauty product that can be used as make-up and skin-care at the same time - which perfectly suit to those beauty addict and beauty phobia out there.

Do you wondering what is skin-care make-up product by Caring by Biokos?

Its actually a make-up product that are produced with natural ingredients and and advanced technology. This product has been tested by the dermatologist that it contains natural ingredients including:

Omega Complex to moisturize the skin
SPF 35 and PA+++ to coverage the skin from UVA and UVB radiation
Tourmaline as the active ingredients to ensure all the key ingredients are perfectly absorbed so the result could be optimal.

By concerning different skin types for modern women in age 25 and above, Caring by Biokos presenting three series of Advanced Hydra Protection Dual Action Cake including:

Brightening Moist - meant for brightening the skin. It contains Capric Triglyceride Extract and Humulus Lupulus Strobile (Hops) Extract to help brighten the skin and reducing the dark spot.

Timeless Illuminate - as the new solution for those who has dry skin problems. This type of compact powder contains African Palm Oil Extract, Levant Cotton, Flax-seed and Pearl Powder that has been tested to rejuvenate the skin.

No More Shine - perfect for oily skin type. This contains Cinnamon Extract that could help to control and balancing the excess oil and sweat, so the skin will look natural with no more shine.

All of these products are made with very light and gentle formula, so it is very safe even for the sensitive skin. There also three colors variant including: silky nude, silky gold and silky beige.

Through this event, I got a chance to try their 'No More Shine' Caring by Biokos product since it perfectly suit my skin type.

Why do I would go for the skin-care make-up?

I am so fluttered with the product by Caring by Biokos, Martha Tilaar which taking the higher level of make-up product that formulating to beautify the skin as well as taking care of the skin. So now every women can be BEAUTY WITHOUT WORRY.

Not forget to mention, there was the talented Indonesian singer/actress - Lala Karmela, who light up the event with her beautiful music performance.

Watch my following video to see the best moments in 'Beauty Without Worry' event by Caring by Biokos!

I also got this pretty hamper from Caring by Biokos. There are three series of Advanced Hydra Protection Dual Action Cake including: Brightening Moist, Timeless Illuminate, and No More Shine.

Since I tried all the tester of those three series before, my skin type suit the most with the ‘No More Shine’ series as my skin is kinda oily. Oily skin is somehow better than dry skin, but having super oily skin makes me lack of confidence. On the other hand, super oily skin also very bad because it allows the pollution and toxic to stick in your skin, which can cause acne and breakout. So for me, base powder is very important to be used in daily basis to cover the skin from UV and terrible pollution especially in the capital city Jakarta.

I’m in love with this ‘No More Shine’ Series Skin-care Make-up Caring by Biokos. This product is really helpful for me – who always worrying the chemical contains from the make-up product that used to impacting acne and breakout on my face. After routinely use this base powder, I feel like my face doesn’t look as super oily as it used to be, the plus point also there’s no acne and breakout at all!

Well, I believe in the advanced technology combined with natural ingredients in this Caring by Biokos product can really help to maintain my skin look smooth and flawless everyday.