[REVIEW AND SWATCHES] Maybelline Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lipstick


Meet the new bolds!!! Maybelline just released a new lipstick collection Maybelline Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds, is a new variation of creamy matte lipstick that is supposed to have high-impact color in one saturated stroke. This collection is available in bright shades of pink, red and purple, additionally with unconventional colors such as deep blue (Audacious Blue), Black (Pitch Black) and white (Wickedly White). The last three shades maybe not our everyday shades, but I believe it will look great for an editorial look, special thematic event, or halloween, maybe?

Maybelline Colour Sensational The Loaded Bolds comes in a signature Maybelline's lipstick packaging, a glossy blue cap with silver handle, and color-coded sticker at the bottom.

There are over 12 shades in Maybelline Colour Sensational The Loaded Bolds lipstick collection, including;

02 Pitch Black
03 Wickedly White
04 Audacious Blue
05 Chocoholic
07 Dynamite Red
08 Sunny Coral
09 Midnight Date
10 Smoking Red
11 Raspberry Rendezvous
13 Fierce Fuschia
14 Berry Bossy
15 Fearless Purple

For the first time of trying out Maybelline Colour Sensational The Loaded Bolds, I fall in love right away with how smooth and creamy this lipstick, but still its very lightweight on my lips. In about one minute, the lipstick will set and make a nice velvety matte finish. Even few hours wearing this, I don't feel my lips getting dry or cracky, I believe this provides a really good hydration on the lips. For the staying power, this lipstick can stay up to 8 hours. However, it might slightly faded while eating a heavy meal, but the stain still remain on the lip. Its also very easy to re-applicate the lipstick since it doesn't patchy at all.

As you can see, there are so many shades available and each shades has its own compliment, depend on what kind of mood or looks you want to create. For me, the most valuable shades would be black and white colors. Cause its kinda fun to play around with those colors, blend it with other bold or nudes would create a different colors! And my personal favorite are Chocoholic, Raspberry Rendezvous and Dynamite Red. I love how vibrant the colors with velvety matte finish. It creates such a beautiful statement on my lips and great to be worn on date night or a special occasion. For a daily wear, I love to blend the Raspberry Rendezvous with Wickedly White, it creates a nice mauve colour which I'm obsessed with. But for an editorial look or thematic event, I would love to rock those unconventional bold colors Pitch Black and Audacious Blue, cause why not?

I highly recommend this Maybelline Colour Sensational The Loaded Bolds, its such a good investment for those of you who love to play around with different kind of looks, since it has a great quality with affordable price! You can grab these Maybelline Colour Sensational The Loaded Bolds at Sociolla, and use my discount code SBNLAW97 to save 50k off with minimum transaction 250k!



[REVIEW] TESCOM Negative Ion Multi Hair Iron NTIR2610


Styling my hair gets way faster, easier and safer with Tescom Negative Ion Multi Hair Iron NTIR2610. The brand Tescom actually has been so popular amongst salons and department stores in Japan. With their innovative technology, incorporating Negative Ions technology into their hairstyling tools such as hair dryer, hair iron and curl dryer - that can retain hair moisture. Another unique technology from Tescom, they used Camellia Oil that is included in the slit by micro capsule, it reaches the hair from the roots, trunk till hair ends - to provide vitamins and antioxidant for a healthy, smooth and shiny hair.

Different from a regular hair-styling tools that I have tried, Tescom Negative Ion Multi Hair Iron NTIR2610 has so many interesting features. Not only it can create over 6 ways hairstyle with attachments, it also equipped with double negative ions, camellia oil and it also can be used in wet hair (for straight hair), which saves my time a lot especially while traveling.


4 Attachment

As I said earlier, its possible to create over 6 ways of hairstyles with attachments, including; straight style, volume up style, c-curl style, soft curling style, natural curl style, 32mm curl style.

Double Negative Ions

Negative ions come from two spots and will effectively keep the hair moisture

Camellia oil

Camellia oil is included in the slit by micro capsule that will reach every side of hair. 

Camellia oil is very beneficial for a healthy, smooth and shiny hair,
- can be used for every hair types, especially a curly, frizzy and dry hair
- loaded with Vit A, B, C and E
- its a natural anti-oxidant that protects the hair from UV Rays
- maintains the hair moisture

WET & DRY Function

Can be used in wet hair (make sure to take off the attachment, and use temperature over 140)

Mirror Coating Plate

The mirror coating plate makes hair-styling a lot easier in smooth sliding, also prevent against pulled hair

Temperature Locking Function

After 5 seconds of using, temperature will automatically locked so it will avoid changing temperature by mistake. The temperature can be unlocked by pressing ▼ twice.


- Just like a regular hair iron, turn on Tescom Negative Ion Multi Hair Iron NTIR2610 by pressing the power button and hold for about 2 seconds. 

- Then, set the temperature as your liking. I used to use 200 degrees to make my hairstyle last longer (especially curly style).

- Wait till about 30 seconds till the heat evenly set.

- Firstly, separate the hair into small sections.

- For straight style, just slide the hair iron straight down on each hair sections.

- For curly style, set the attachment depend on how the curl you like, c-curl, soft curling, or natural curl style. Then use it by rotating the hair iron on each hair sections. 
PS: Leave the curly hair for a while till it completely cool down before touching it, to make the curl last longer.

In the first time of using Tescom Negative Ion Multi Hair Iron NTIR2610, for me this hair iron is quite heavy and compact as you can tell its a good quality product. But after using this quite often, this become very handy and convenient to bring along while traveling cause I can possibly create multiple ways of hairstyles without bringing so many hairstyling tools. 

Last but not least, thank you Clozette Indonesia and Tescom Indonesia for the opportunity trying out one of the coolest hair iron that I ever tried, hahaha. You can get this Tescom Negative Ion Multi Hair Iron NTIR2610 easily anywhere on department stores or online stores, for IDR 1.499.0000,-. 

For more info, go check out:

INSTAGRAM: @tescomid
FACEBOOK: Tescom Indonesia
YOUTUBE: PT Ravalindo Megah Perkasa RMP



[EVENT REPORT] "Its Time to Glow" Soirée with Beauty Journal and Bio Oil


On Friday 29th August, at Decanter Wine and Food, Plaza Kuningan - I attended an afternoon soirée "Its Time to Glow" with Beauty Journal and Bio Oil. This event were having over 20 beauty influencers, including Paola Tambunan and Intan Ayu Purnama, also beauty advisor from Bio Oil and Beauty Journal.

In this occasion, we intimately shared about our confidence and insecurities about our skin condition, and how we incorporate Bio Oil in a daily basis to achieve glowing skin. 

Bio Oil is a specialist skincare product from South Africa which has been used since 1987. Different from a regular oil, Bio Oil is such a magic oil, that can help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, anti aging, help hydrate the dry skin, and prevent hair split ends. It contains unique formulation, including Vit A, Vit E, Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile, PurCellin Oil.

Personally, I have been using Bio Oil quite awhile and still using it till now. You can read my complete review about bio oil HERE

Beside our sharing moment, we also had a fun challenge on "How to Describe Bio Oil" through our Instagram Stories. So, me and another 4 beauty influencers in a team, shown on how to use Bio Oil in a daily basis to remove the makeup, prevent hair split ends, and use it to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks by gently massaging bio oil in a circular motion, two times a day after shower. The result will be seen in about 3 months, depends on individual. Unfortunately, my team didn't win this time. But we had lots of fun though! 

Last but not least, thank you Beauty Journal and Bio Oil for having me in "Its Time to Glow" Afternoon Soirée. For those of you who wants to try Bio Oil, you can buy through Sociolla. Use my discount code SBNLA9W7 for less IDR 50.000 (Minimum spend IDR 250.000).





Trend liquid lipstick atau lip cream memang ga pernah ada habisnya, baik dari merk international maupun lokal Indonesia. Pilihan warna yang tersedia juga sangat beragam, mulai dari warna-warna bold, nudes hingga metallic.

Setelah sukses meluncurkan 6 lip cream dengan pilihan warna bold dan vibrant pada akhir tahun 2016, kali ini PIXY kembali meluncurkan 6 lip cream dengan pilihan warna nude yang sangat cantik dan pastinya cocok buat kalian para penggemar warna-warna nudes seperti aku.

Penasaran gimana review dan swatch PIXY Lip Cream Nude Series ini? Yuk baca blog aku sampai habis :D

Pada hari Sabtu pekan lalu, tepatnya tanggal 26 Agustus 2017, aku dan beauty bloggers dari Clozette Indonesia menghadiri launching PIXY Lip Cream Nude Series yang bertemakan "In The Mood for Nude". Acara yang bertempatkan di Ecology Bistro Kemang ini juga dihadiri oleh tiga pembicara yaitu Rommy Andreas (MUA), Adiezty Fersa (Public Figure) serta Diaz (Tim Artistik dari PIXY).

Acara dimulai dengan salah satu tim artistik dari PIXY, Mas Diaz memperkenalkan rangkaian produk PIXY serta produk lip cream terbarunya yaitu PIXY Lip Cream Nude Series yang terdiri dari 6 pilihan warna nude, mulai dari pinkish nude (07 Vintage Rose dan 08 Delicate Pink), brownish nude (09 Glam Coral dan 10 Sweet Choco), serta orangeish nude (11 Gaudy Orange dan 12 Mild Peach).

Dengan pilihan warna nude yang beragam ini, tentunya gampang disesuaikan dengan warna kulit wanita Asia. Seperti Adiezty Fersa yang tampil cantik dengan 'Sweet Romantic Look' menggunakan produk PIXY.

Menurut MUA kondang, Rommy Andreas, warna nude merupakan salah satu warna lipstick andalannya karena cocok digunakan di segala occasion karena bersifat netral dan gampang dipadukan dengan segala warna eyeshadow. Kali ini Rommy Andreas berbagi tips serta makeup demo untuk 'Day to Night Look' dengan menggunakan produk PIXY dan PIXY Lip Cream Nude Series.

Untuk 'Day Look', Rommy menggunakan warna-warna soft dan natural untuk eyeshadow serta warna nude dibibir menggunakan PIXY Lip Cream shade 09 Glam Coral. Lalu untuk 'Night Look', Rommy hanya menambahkan tampilan bold pada eyeshadow, serta mengganti warna bibir menggunakan PIXY Lip Cream shade 10 Sweet Choco. Ternyata gampang banget yah! Jadi ga perlu repot-repot mengganti makeup walau sehabis kerja atau kuliah, bisa langsung pergi hang-out atau party hanya dengan menambahkan riasan eyeshadow dan mengganti warna bibir.

Seusai acara, PIXY berbaik hati menghadiahi para blogger yang hadir dengan 6 warna terbaru dari PIXY Lip Cream Nude Series <3

Sedikit informasi mengenai PIXY, PIXY merupakan produk kosmetik lokal yang diproduksi oleh PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk, Perusahaan PMA Indonesia Jepang, sehingga dibuat menggunakan teknologi standarisasi kualitas Jepang. Materinya juga dibuat dengan bahan alami Jepang yang sangat baik untuk kulit wajah, dan warna serta desain packagingnya bisa dilihat sangatlah mengacu pada selera fashion Tokyo.

Packagingnya berbentuk tube warna hitam bermotif bintang-bintang dengan warna tutupnya fuschia, dan shade lip cream dibagian bawah. Material dari packagingnya lumayan tebal dan berkualitas, juga dilengkapi aplikator yang slim dan precise sehingga memudahkan pengaplikasian produk dibibir.

Pertama kali dioles ke bibir, warnanya langsung merata dan pigmented. Semakin dioles, warnanya akan semakin tebal. Aku suka banget sama formulanya yang creamy tapi tetap light di bibir. Lalu sekitar semenit produknya udah set dan menampilkan hasil matte yang terlihat halus, ga kering atau cracking sama sekali.

Untuk ketahanan produknya juga cukup long lasting, aku udah coba pakai seharian dan walaupun udah makan dan minum, produknya memang sedikit memudar tapi warnanya tetap stain di bibir. Jadi tinggal di touch-up aja untuk hasil yang lebih oke.

PIXY Lip Cream Nude Series tersedia dalam 6 pilihan warna, yaitu 07 Vintage Rose, 08 Delicate Pink, 09 Glam Coral, 10 Sweet Choco, 11 Gaudy Orage, dan 12 Mild Peach.

Sedikit curcol nih, biasanya aku ga pede kalo pake warna nude karena membuat wajahku terlihat pucat. Jadi seringkali aku campurin warna nude dengan warna yang lebih cerah. Tapi seperti yang kalian lihat dari 6 pilihan warna nude dari PIXY Lip Cream ini, warna nude-nya ga bikin wajah terlihat pucat sama sekali karena ada hint pink, brown atau orange. Jadi gampang disesuaikan dengan warna kulit, karakter atau mood masing-masing serta occasion tertentu. Secara pribadi, aku suka PIXY Lip Cream shade 09 Glam Coral dan 12 Mild Peach untuk tampilan sehari-hari karena membuat wajahku terlihat lebih fresh dan natural. Kalau ke acara yang lebih formal atau dinner, aku suka PIXY Lip Cream shade 10 Sweet Choco dan 11 Gaudy Orange karena membuat tampilanku terlihat mature, bold dan edgy.

Overall aku suka banget sama rangkaian PIXY Lip Cream Nude ini. Selain pilihan warna nude-nya yang cantik, formulanya lembut dan ga bikin bibir kering atau cracky, warnanya juga tahan lama, dan harganya sangat terjangkau hanya dijual seharga IDR 45.000,- yang gampang temui di counter PIXY atau toko kosmetik terdekat. 

Last but not least, thank you Clozette Indonesia dan PIXY Indonesia atas kesempatan menghadiri event serta review PIXY Lip Cream Nude series ini, untuk info lebih jelasnya yuk cek:

INSTAGRAM: @pixycosmetics
TWITTER: @pixyindonesia