It was just me or anyone else ever been to any unbalanced diet?
In case you unsure about unbalanced diet, its a continuously eating below the maintenance calorie goal for such long periods of time. This is not only slowing down the metabolism, but also terrible for the skin elasticity which causing cellulite!

You may notice the cellulite or stretch mark on most women/men in all shapes and sizes. As what Shira Ein-Dor, owner of the American Cellulite Reduction Center in New York City said - "I even treat Victoria's Secret models. They're very lean, they work out and eat well, they do everything right but they still have cellulite."

Cellulite is actually a fat deposit deep underneath the skin that push against the underlying connective tissue, if there's no space under the skin, those fat cells bumping up creating cellulite. This may happened to certain spots including butt, abs, thighs, or upper-arms.

This is cellulite in practical terms:

Yes of course this skin problem is such an insecurity for most women/men including me, to wear any kinds of shorts, mini-skirts, or tanks.

In order to fight this cellulite, it takes a serious commitment to change the whole lifestyle, such as avoiding junk foods, exercise regularly, stay hydrated and also eating enough fibrous meals to flush away the toxins.

Beside maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I also do include massage and scrubbing regularly. For that I'm trusting my body with @tiff_body coffee scrub that is loaded with caffeine and antioxidant, which is perfectly able to stimulates blood flow and increases circulation. The antioxidant itself increases the collagen production that is beneficial for healthy skin in general.

Normally I use this heavenly scrub 1-2 times a week in the shower. It's so easy, simply take a big handful of this scrub, personally I used to add few drops of essential oil (I use coconut oil). Then just scrub all over both body and face for a natural exfoliator. Finally, leave it for about 5 minutes to let those goodness soaked in, and rinse well.

This natural coffee scrubs is effective to clean deep into pores, sweeping away the dead skin cells and give me instant smooth and clear skin. Not forget to mention it also smells incredibly amazing. Now, treating my body is way a lot easier.

Don't be afraid to get dirty and rough with @tiff_body, cause I'm sure your body will definitely love it! 


International Day of Happiness


Hey ho! What the things make you guys happy today?

Me: Today I'm happy for this picture taken by my boyfie, I don't know why but I do always happy whenever I got a good picture! Let's be clear that for me happiness is not always about the things, my definition of happiness is all about the moments, people and surroundings.

"Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect. It means you've decided to look beyond the imperfections"

Couldn't agree more on the quotes above! Yes, My life is not as perfect as some of you guys think, but I'm totally appreciate and enjoy every single things in my life. I coudn't list all the things make me happy - but in short, I just wanted to say that I'm uncountably happy for the support from my family, friends and my beloved boyfie. Nothing beats the loves and supports from your mains <3

You may probably think that those successful people would be very happy with their life. But who knows? The most successful person might be the most lonely person in the world. So from now on, I do encourage you to avoid comparing your life with others, cause if you do so, you will never be happy. The thing is - focus on your own life cause you are the one who responsible for your past, present and future.

Whenever you feel down and sad, let's think again what in life makes you ever be the happiest person, what you may grateful of. Just count your blessings and smile! :)

<styling tips for the basic look on my page at WHATWELIKE.CO>


Confidence is The Key to Success


Hai ladies, aku ingin berbagi pengalaman pribadiku mengenai kepercayaan diri menjadi modal kesuksesan. Mungkin beberapa dari kalian berpendapat bahwa wanita yang percaya diri ialah mereka yang berwajah cantik ataupun membunyai bentuk tubuh yang ideal. Menurut aku, percaya diri ialah "feeling comfortable in my own skin!" - Yang berarti nyaman dan berani menerima segala kekurangan pada diriku sendiri.

Sedikit cuplikan tentangku - Sebagai seorang entrepreneur sekaligus blogger, aku diharuskan untuk selalu aktif, fit dan tampil fresh setiap saat. Selain mengkonsumsi makanan sehat, minum serta tidur yang cukup; keseharianku juga meliputi rutinitas berolah-raga, menghadiri meeting/gathering dan juga photoshoot session yang secara tidak langsung mengharuskanku mengenakan pakaian ketat, seperti legging, celana jeans, hot pants ataupun pencil skirt - untuk tampil fashionable, mengikuti trend jaman sekarang.

Dikarenakan sering mengenakan pakaian atau celana yang serba ketat, juga banyaknya aktifitas - hal tersebut menyebabkan gesekan pada bahan pakaian dan kulit sekitar miss V, yang tanpa disadari lama-kelamaan membuat skin tone pada kulit sekitar miss V tampak lebih gelap. Tentu hal tersebut sangat mengganggu dan membuatku kurang percaya diri. Sama halnya dengan bagian tubuh yang lain, baik yang terlihat maupun tidak terlihat. Contohnya seperti bagian kantung mata yang tampak gelap, tentu kita menjadi kurang percaya diri dan berusaha mencari solusi untuk mencerahkannya. Sama halnya dengan kulit daerah intim kewanitaan. Sebagai seorang wanita, menjaga kebersihan tubuh serta merawatnya agar tetap terlihat cantik adalah tanggung jawabku.

Maka dari itu, selain aktif, aku juga harus cermat dalam memilih produk pembersih tubuh khususnya daerah intim kewanitaan. Setelah berbagai research dan review yang aku dapat baik dari online, majalah ataupun rekomendasi teman - aku simpulkan bahwa tidak disarankan untuk menggunakan sabun mandi sebagai pembersih area sekitar miss V. Karena pH sabun mandi bersifat basa (pH>7) dan dapat membunuh bakteri baik yang ada didalam miss V. Sebagai informasi, daerah intim kewanitaan kita memiliki pH normal yang berkisar antara pH 3,8-4,2. Untuk itu aku mempercayakan produk Lactacyd karena telah teruji secara klinis mempunyai pH yang sesuai dengan daerah intim kewanitaan, juga telah terpercaya sebagai produk pembersih daerah intim kewanitaan nomor satu di dunia!

Sebelum beralih pada produk Lactacyd white intimate ini, aku biasanya menggunakan produk Lactacyd baik dari series pure balance maupun lasting freshness. Terima kasih untuk Female Daily Network yang telah mengundangku pada acara Lactacyd white intimate bloggers gathering. Selain keseruan untuk bergabung dengan para blogger lainnya, juga ada sedikit cuplikan seputar produk Lactacyd white intimate langsung dari para ahlinya. Ada berbagai penjelasan tentang: dampak negatif mengenakan pakaian ketat pada kulit sekitar miss Vmengapa Lactacyd white intimate ini sangat direkomendasikan oleh para ahli; dan sekali lagi terima kasih kepada Lactacyd dan Female Daily Network untuk free sample Lactacyd white intimate yang langsung aku coba keesokan harinya.

Sudah sekitar dua minggu aku menggunakan Lactacyd white intimate setiap hari - setiap kali mandi. Aku merasa adanya sedikit perubahan skin tone pada area sekitar miss V, yang tampak lebih cerah. Aku yakin hal ini dikarenakan kandungan alami dalam Lactacyd white intimate yaitu: bengkoang, susu dan algowhite.

Untuk kalian yang bermasalah dengan perubahan skin tone area sekitar miss V, nggak ada salahnya untuk mencoba produk Lactacyd white intimate pada saat mandi. Cara pakainya sangat gampang, sama seperti menggunakan sabun mandi, yaitu dengan menuangkan Lactacyd secukupnya pada telapak tangan, basuh area sekitar miss V secara perlahan, diamkan sekitar 30 detik lalu bilas dengan air bersih. Sebagai informasi, semua produk Lactacyd sangatlah aman digunakan setiap hari - baik untuk wanita yang sedang menstrulasi ataupun sedang hamil. Hal ini dikarenakan Lactacyd sudah terbukti diformulasi dengan bahan-bahan alami yang sangat gentle untuk miss Vkalian bisa cek di sini.

Aku yakin dengan menggunakan Lactacyd white intimate ini setiap hari - setiap kali mandi, dapat mengatasi masalah perubahan skin tone yang tampak lebih gelap pada area sekitar miss V para ladies. Karena hal tersebut telah diteliti dan diuji oleh para ahli bahwa Lactacyd white intimate dapat mencerahkan skin tone daerah intim kewanitaan dalam jangka waktu empat minggu!

Let's try it and be confidence together, ladies! <3


Indonesia Fashion Week 2016


First time attending Indonesia Fashion Week 2016 which occurred on 10-13 March! I got the invitation tickets from one of the local brand to check their special collection from their fashion show ATSTHELABEL and also few tickets from WHATWELIKE.CO as their featured blogger.

Not forget to mention, this was my very first time attending such fashion show. And again, luckily my boyfie and I got the front row too. So here we go, ready to snaps snaps! We were taking either video or pictures the whole time, forgot all the shame - Just wanted to keep the journal and share with you guys though. Don't forget to read my previous blog about the fashion show "Touch of NTT" from LeVico, <also posted on>

I wore all-black outfit from ARBRE's upcoming collection for womenswear. FYI, this is our team's clothing brand which designed for man/woman's ready-to-wear. We are preparing for the lauch of ARBRE very very soon. Make sure to follow its Instagram @arbreofficial or you can check the collection directly at


Fashion Show

IFW 2016: "Touch of NTT"


The designer Yurita Puji and the owner of 'Tenun Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) Julie Laiskodad are collaborated to show the runway with theme: "Touch of NTT" featuring the richness and beautiful of Nusantara Fabrics through the brand named 'LeViCo'
There are 28 women's outfit from ready-to-wear, cocktail and couture which are designed from 22 varieties of 'Tenun NTT' from each districts at Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT). The designer are not only designing 'Tenun NTT' with any kind of fabrics, What I liked the most from the collection are besides it is so bright and colorful (perfect for Spring/Summer 2016), they also give a little bit touch of pretty details such as ornament, embroidery, and also swarovski - that enhancing a glamorous look for the traditional costume. And the cuttings of the outfit also kinda exposed but still sweet and adding a total feminine look.
Here are few of my favorite look for LeViCo! Tell me which one are yours :)




The bra over the shirt trend starts somewhere back in 90s, exactly from the Clueless fashion when Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz wore the tanks over teesYes, it is not technically a bra. Even though fashion means you can go crazy wearing what you like, I think that wearing the real bra as outerwear is a big disaster!

The inner-wear as outer-wear trend is such a brilliant styling ideas when you are bored with the basic shirt. Bra-inspired fashion was actually started out with sheer top that showed off the bra underneath it. In this Spring/Summer 2016, we could see that designers are finally pushing back the bra-inspired fashion trend as the BRA-OVER-SHIRT look.

"Women are not afraid to wear any type of lingerie or bra they want, the way they want. Creativity in style often coincides with freedom of thought. And this should make us think."

For some of us, as an Asian - wearing too exposed piece of clothing such as bra or cropped top, will make us feel uncomfortable and lack of confidence, especially for the curvy body type, cause it may show off some of the unwanted edges. But let's think the other way around, how about wearing it as an outerwear.

In this case, my V-neck cropped top is way too low and won't be perfect for my casual-wear. Once again, thank you to Clueless fashion trend that inspires me to wear it over my shirt. Anyway, you might not just wear your bra with anything you like. My personal trick is wearing bra over the fitted shirt, cause it will look more blend-in. And the choose of color must be bold or bright thus making your bra stands-out.

Last but not least, I do encourage you to stock up some bra-alike or cropped top, it will help you getting multiple uses out of one item of clothing. Sounds more satisfying isn't?



White Intimate Blogger Gathering


I had really fun day with pretty and fashionable ladies at the blogger gathering - Female Daily Headquarter on March 5th 2016. Event featuring Lactacyd White Intimate whereas having us fairy blue and white dress code. 
Through the event, we are having a little bit of white fashion talk that was brilliant and helpful for some of us as a fashion blogger! Cause we know that wearing white sometimes really tricky, here I have blogged about why white works earlier on my blog.
 Beside that, we also had a short presentation about Lactacyd White Intimate directly from the expert. For me as Lactacyd's loyal customer, I wore the green ones which is the 'fresh' series. Now, they have launched the new product - the 'white intimate' series intended for brighten the skin around miss V!

 They explained why and how the skin area around miss V can be darkened. It could be due to too many activities that can cause sweat and the friction between skin and tight underwear. Lactacyd as one of the best feminine hygiene products around the world, contribute the solution to brighten the skin area around miss V because it contains jicama, milk and algowhite that had been clinically tested efficient for brighten the skin and can be seen the progress in only four weeks as daily used.

We also had a few competition including 'best social media post' and 'best OOTD'! For the social media post, we required to post our best three pictures to either Instagram or Twitter.

And for the 'best OOTD', I got a chance to explain the concept of my outfit of the day. I was wearing BACK TO 90'S with my high colar shirt with a sweet touch of flare detail on my sleeve paired with my favorite baby blue a-line skirt overall! Not forget to mention I was wearing my lace up shoes as well. I love this combo, making me look younger. Some of them even noticed me as 18s :D

Check out my OOTD at



Why White Works


White is my go-to outfit all the time. It is just fine for me to investing on white, cause I can match everything with it. By going white on white also making you look clean and classy at the same time!

For today, I go for entire white - Of course with a little bit of color for my accessories including headpiece and sling bag, cause I don't wanna look like a ghost anyway. 

Here I got a tips for you to wear white on white. First thing first, you must have a confidence. Wearing all white may steal a bit of attention around you, unless you are going for a party. In this case, wearing entire white outfit for a casual day should be concerned on how clean is your garments, and how match are the white color of your top and bottom?

An easy way to put together white outfit is wearing a matching pieces! However, I was not wearing a matching sets though. My white cropped top matches my white pleated skirt cause they are in the same color which is off-white.

One more thing to give a dimension for your white outfit is by adding the other color by switching up your accessories. Personally, I would pull out my white outfit with monochrome black sling bag, and adding some neutral color accessories that 'blend in', as you can see my light brown color fedora hat and nude sandals. 

Beside the color matters, take a consideration on structure and shape too. Since wearing black will make you look slimmer cause it hiding every seamless curve of your body, on the other hand by wearing white will make you look puffy, unless you take a consider on a shape of your entire outfit. For example, if you are wearing voluminous or flare pieces for the bottom, keep the top half fitted or tucked in, and vice versa!

Keep in mind, due to your very basic white on white style, its a must for you to have a statement piece to be a focal point of your entire outfit. Just like mine, I called my pleated skirt as my statement piece, I am just in love with the see-through details which making such a perfect silhouette!