Ezo Cheesecakes & Bakery


Weekend comes early this week! In the Friday afternoon, I had a tea time and cake testing at Ezo Cheesecakes and Bakery. Its a newly opened cafe in Pantai Indak Kapuk, Jakarta Utara.

Totally in love with everything in this small yet cozy cafe. The interior setting were nicely done with bright lighting so its really good for those of you who like to take photos, even just chill out with friends or family since they serves a lot varieties of beverages and desserts.

Because this was my first time visited this cafe, so I asked for the recommended menu. The waiter and waitress were friendly and polite, they explained the menu very well too. Finally ended up trying almost each flavours of Ezo's Signature cheese bomb and Hokkaido cheesecake.

Just like the menu's name itself, this cheese bomb is seriously A BOMB! The perfect combination of cheese mousse and crispy baked tartlets was melted in my mouth by the first bite. This cheese bomb comes in variety of toppings, including original, nutella, okinawa yuza, blueberry, salted caramel and oreo flavor. Before it served, the waiter/waitress are going to ask for your preference whether you like it served in warm or cold condition. I tried them both, I would say if you like the melted cheese bomb sensation then you gotta go for warm serving, but you also could take away and chill them in the fridge, then having it the next day for an ice cream cakes. For the tastewise,
  • My favorite ones is the nutella cheese bomb cause I'm a fan of chocolate, and I just love the taste of good melted cheese mixed with nutella.
  • Then, the okinawa yuza and blueberry are clearly my second favoritethe sweet and sour taste from lemon as well as blueberry sauce mixed perfectly with the cheese moist making it not overly sweet.
  • Also tried the original, salted caramel and oreo flavor, and they are just as delicious as the other variant of cheese bomb. Honestly, that was a hard decision. If you can have all, why have to pick one? :D

Moving on to Hokkaido cheesecake, it has really soft and moist texture since it has two layers of cheese souffle and cheese moist. Also comes in original, matcha, chocolate and oreo flavors. As the sizes were not too big, you guys could order every flavours and share with your friends or family. Luckily I got to try the original, matcha and oreo flavours,
  • The original flavour is definitely my favorite ones, cause I could really taste a good blends of mascarpone, parmesan and crème fraîche mix very well. 
  • My second favorite goes to the matcha cheesecake, it has a good quality taste of uji matcha originated from Kyoto. For those matcha lovers, you know a blend of good cheese and matcha will never fail you.
  • Not forget to mention, also tried the oreo cheesecake. But I guess its kinda common in most cafes so its an average for me.

Overall, I really enjoyed and satisfied with the ambiance, services, and foods in Ezo Cheesecakes and BakeryYou guys should try their varieties of cheese bomb and Hokkaido cheesecake too. And don't forget to let me know which are your favorite ones in the comment box below! ;)

XO Tiffani

Photo: Zake Wijaya


Brilliant Laser & Hollywood Peel at Crystal Aesthetic Clinic


Beauty is pain? Its absolutely painless at Crystal Aesthetic Clinic, Menteng. So around few months ago, my boyfriend and I tried the advanced technology for our skin care which are Brilliant Laser ad Hollywood Peel. Basically, if you are not already know - Brilliant laser is a gentle treatment to even the skin tone and boost skin's radiance without any pain and give the best result in a short time. Its normally used by celebrity before they hit the red carpet, or anyone who are going for certain occasion - to get their best skin spontaneously after around 20 minutes of laser treatment. Wheras the Hollywood Peel, if you have read my previous article on Aqua Peel Treatment at Dermaster - This Hollywood Peel is more advanced version of Aqua Peel, it gives the same result as facial treatment without any pain and of course it shows better result on the face right away. The hollywood treatment at Crystal Aesthetic Clinic uses three kinds of serum, for diminishing dead skin cells, for brightening and for those who has acne problems. (Treatments handled by the professional, Dr Andi)


After my face has been cleaned with the cleanser, now its time to put some type of cold gel onto my face prior to treatment for additional comfort and calming sensation.

Then Dr Andi gently moving a small roller that were releasing laser through my face. This laser is believed to boost the collagen production into the deeper layer of my skin, and generating clear as well as healthy looking skin.

After about 20 minutes of laser treatment session, I can feel the result my skin right away. My skin feels very soft, clear and flawless. And as you can see, there is no any breakouts on my face too.


As I mentioned earlier, you can choose the serums for peeling treatment that is suit to your face. In my boyfriend's condition, his skin was kinda dull because of pollution and sunburnt. Its better for him to get the dead skin cells away.

After the face being cleaned, Dr Andi was straightly use the peeling roller that is extracting the pores and dead skin cells while injecting the serum to the deeper layer of the face.

The treatment also done in less than 20 minutes. And you can see his face looks very soft, younger and a lot healthier.

Check out our video for more details of these treatments!

If you have any questions, leave me a comment below or directly contact Crystal Aesthetic Clinic Menteng. Last but not least, don't forget to check out their Instagram for more updates and special promotions @crystalclinicid

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall


Its our typical weekend. Catching up for a coffee, quick photoshoot then have a movie date or grocery shopping together afterwards.

Today's venue is Gastronomaquia Cafe. The story before we found this place - when I was looking for a good cafe with good lighting and has a mirror for my Ramadhan mirrorfie collaboration pictures with L'OreaLxLOOKBOOKINDONESIA. After gone through pictures by pictures in Instagram, finally we found this cafe. Honestly, I knew this place earlier from my fellow Instagramers but I didn't know they has a lot of mirrors on the wall too.

XO Tiffani

Photo: Zake Wijaya


Oldie But Goldie


Remember your boring statement tees you bought couple years ago? Its now probably become your favorite tees to stay-in-bed-all-day. Instead of making it a waste, let's take a look how I reinvent my style with statement tees that you can wear from day to night.
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XO Tiffani

Photo: Zake Wijaya