Annyeong Haseyo, Innisfree! The first Innisfree store in Indonesia


Finally the day has come! Innisfree is now officially open in Indonesia, exactly at Mall Central Park, Jakarta in this March 24th 2017. I believe most of you might be familiar with Innisfree, as one of the Korean beauty brand that brings all the natural benefits from Jeju Island. Some of their core products including The Green Tea Seed Serum (Korea's No 1 moisture essence), Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, and Orchid Enriched Cream.

A day before the official Innisfree launching store, Innisfree had a pre-launch to gather some of the influencers to have shopping experience at Innisfree store with voucher worth IDR 1.000.000. Actually, this kind of pre-launch shopping experience has become a ritual for every Innisfree store opening.

In the first Innisfree store in Indonesia, Innisfree brings a complete beauty products from masks till unique cushion case that caught everyone' eyes. 

While shopping, you could also experience Innisfree VR (Virtual Reality) to have a date with Lee Min Ho in Jeju Island. It such an interesting experience you won't be missed!

Let's drop by and visit Innisfree store at Central Park Mall, Jakarta. Especially at the grand opening, cause they are having a lot of promotions and special gifts for every purchases.



[REVIEW] Astalift Jelly Aquarysta and Perfect UV Protector SPF 50+ PA++++


I've never been interested with anti-aging skincare earlier, till I discovered aging skin problems on my face due to lack of sleep, stress and pollution. My face become dry, dull and the most horrible thing, there's a little fine lines around my under eyes. So I guess, that I have to include anti-aging based products into my skincare regiment ASAP!

About a month ago, I attended Astalift event at Hongkong Cafe, Mall Central Park. During the event, one of Astalift Expert from Japan, Miss Yumiko Komiyama - did a presentation about Astalift skincare. Just known that Astalift is a skincare line from Fujifilm company. At first, I was confused and a bit scared, whether Fujifilm put the chemical into a skincare (?) Hmmm. The answer is no. Fujifilm may be well-known as a photography brand for over 80 years, to produce a better quality of photographs. However, they didn't stop right there. In March 2012, Fujifilm just released their invention about a perfect skincare for modern women, in a brand Astalift Photogenic Beauty. The research itself actually has been over 70 years ago, firstly debuted in Europe, and this time it has finally arrived in Indonesia. 

From the research done by Fujifilm - The key of healthy, toned and supple skin is affected in the corneal layers of skin. In that layers, got a Ceramide that will constantly reduced due to ages. The older we are, the less Ceramide components in our skin. You might be wondering why Ceramide is so important. Well, Ceramide known to prevent skin moisture and any damages from environment. Without Ceramide, surely we are going to have dry skin, wrinkles and black spots appear, that every women hate most! Yet, don't be freak out. Fujifilm has produced one of their core skincare product, Jelly Aquarysta which is formulized with double Human Type Nano Ceramide, its very much like natural human cells - to restore Ceramide in our skin, so we don't have to be young again to have a healthy, toned and supple skin. 

Every Astalift skincare brand also nourished with nano Astaxanthin, whereas the particles made in tinier as possible to be absorbed well in the deep layers of skin. Astaxanthin is one of the natural antioxidant, 1000 times stronger than CoQ10 and 100 times stronger than Vitamin E. In the Astaxanthin formula, also have Lycopene that mostly found in antioxidant-rich fruits such as tomato and watermelon. No wonder most of the Astalift products comes in red packaging and red content as well.

I've been using this Jelly Aquarysta and Perfect UV Protecto SPF 50+ PA++++ for about a week and noticed my skin looks younger and somehow brighter. This Jelly Aquarysta actually can be used for all skin types, including the sensitive skin. Even though the texture may be weird with a jelly types, a spoonful of this jelly will melt in your face. Don't forget to give some massage to help it absorbed really well. After that, you can put on the suncreen, followed by your makeup.

If you are interested to try one of Astalift products, now you could grab it from SOGO Alam Sutera Tangerang, Kelapa Gading, Emporium Pluit, Mall Central Park, Watson Grand Indonesia dan Pondok Indah Mall.

See you on my next post ~
XOXO, Tiff


[REVIEW] Clinique Pop Matte and Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer


I'm so happy finally had a chance trying out the new lipstick line from one of my favorite skincare and makeup brand Clinique. It called Pop Matte and Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer, which means they comes in two types of lipstick; stick and liquid. They are all in matte finishes with primer that instantly moisturize the lips and make the colour last longer.

Clinique Pop Matte Lip Colour + Primer available in 16 shades while Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer available in 8 shades. You could check all the shades on Clinique website, or the nearest Clinique Store in town.

From the last event Mix And Matte Party with Clinique, I brought home 3 shades of Clinique lipstick: 1 shades of Clinique Pop Matte Lip Colour (06 Rose Pop) + Primer and 2 shades of Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer (04 Ripe Pop and 05 Sweetheart Pop).

The texture of each lipsticks are lightweight yet buttery, and after about a couple of minutes, the texture will transform leaving a matte finish on lips. However, it doesn't completely dry up due to hydrating formulas (Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil and antioxidant Vitamin E) that initially to pamper our lips during 8 hours of wear. So don't expect it to be kiss-proof or waterproof. In case of eating, the colour will probably fade a little bit, but the stain will remain. 


PS: Just like the name 'pop lip colour', the colour is very vibrant! For daily wear, personally I love to swatch it lightly with lip brushes, and blend it with my nude lip colour.

XOXO, Tiff
Photo by Zake Wijaya


[REVIEW] Sariayu Gili Lombok Color Trend 2017


Yang udah baca posting blog aku sebelumnya mengenai launching event Sariayu Inspirasi Gili Lombok, Color Trend 2017 - tentunya udah pada tau dong produk terbaru Sariayu ini terdiri dari Duo Lip Color, Liquid Eyeshadow dan Eyeshadow Palette. Semua warna yang ada di koleksi ini terinspirasi dari kain tenun Mbojo yang berasal dari Bima (salah satu daerah di Gili Lombok). Penasaran warna apa aja yang ada di koleksi Sariayu Gili Lombok ini? Yuk baca blog aku sampai habis ya.

Pada koleksi Sariayu Inspirasi Gili Lombok ini, terdapat pilihan warna-warna hangat dan cerah yang cocok dipadukan dengan warna kulit wanita Indonesia, serta dipercaya menjadi tren warna 2017. Selain itu, Sariayu juga mengembangkan formula dalam produk terbarunya ini dengan kandungan ekstrak tanaman Flamboyan, Amethys Powder, Vitamin E, dan SPF 15 - untuk melindungi kulit wajah dari penuaan dini, berbagai polusi dan iritasi.


Sariayu Gili Lombok Duo Lip Color ini tersedia dalam packaging stick dengan kuas yang ramping dan mudah untuk dibaur. Varian Sariayu Duo Lip Color tersedia dalam 6 shade (GL-01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06), mulai dari pink, coral, orange, hingga warna wine yang sexy. 

Yang membuat produk ini sangat menarik menurutku - selain pilihan warna yang cantik untuk dipakai sehari-hari hingga ke acara formal, dalam satu produk ini juga terdapat dua finish, yaitu glossy dan matte.

Akhir-akhir ini aku lagi suka banget pake yang shade GL 04, karena warnanya ga terlalu mencolok tapi tetap memberikan kesan fresh di wajahku. Honestly, pas aku ke Bali minggu lalu, aku cuma bawa satu produk ini yang bisa kujadikan lipstick dan blush. Warnanya nempel banget seharian! Dan aku ga khawatir untuk pake ini di berbagai area di wajah, karena produk ini memiliki kandungan yang ramah terhadap kulit wajah. Kandungan ekstrak tanaman Flamboyan, Amethys Powder, Vitamin E, dan SPF 15, dapat merawat wajahku dari penuaan dini dan bahaya sinar matahari.


Sariayu Gili Lombok Liquid Eyeshadow merupakan eyeshadow dalam bentuk liquid pertama di Indonesia. Sama dengan duo lip color, Sariayu Liquid Eyeshadow ini juga tersedia dalam packaging stick dan terdapat total 12 warna pada kedua sisi produk (GL-01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06). Pilihan warnanya juga bervariasi mulai dari ungu, pink, kuning, emas, coklat, hingga hijau. Sangat cocok untuk kalian yang suka berkreasi dengan eyeshadow untuk membuat tampilan natural, colorful atau bold.


Ga cuma Liquid Eye Shadow, Sariayu juga mengeluarkan Eyeshadow Palette dengan pilihan warna yang soft dan natural hingga bold dengan sedikit shimmer. Ukuran eyeshadow palette ini juga terbilang mini, dan sangat cocok dibawa untuk berpergian atau travelling karena sudah terdapat brush-nya juga. Tapi sayang sekali, tingkat pigmentasi-nya agak kurang bagus dibandingkan varian liquid eyeshadow, jadi lebih baik pakai eyeshadow primer terlebih dahulu agar warna lebih keluar.

Last but not least, selain mengeluarkan produk terbaru Sariayu Duo Lip Color, Liquid Eyeshadow dan Eyeshadow Palette Inspirasi Gili Lombok, Sariayu juga memperbarui tampilan Two Way Cake dan Lipstick dengan design yang lebih muda, elegan dan juga memperkaya kandugannya dengan ekstrak Bunga Gardenia, Vitamin E dan SPF 15 - yang dapat melindungi kulit wajah dari penuaan dini, berbagai polusi dan pengaruh buruk sinar matahari.

Sekian review-ku mengenai produk Sariayu Inspirasi Gili Lombok, Color Trend 2017. Apakah diantara kalian ada yang sudah mencoba varian terbaru Sariayu ini? Buat yang bingung gimana dapetinnya, cus belanja di www.marthatilaarshop.com.

XOXO, Tiff


Heart of The Ocean Ritual by Thalgo Indonesia


Different from a regular facial treatment that I have tried so far. This time I found out a unique kind of facial treatment by Thalgo Indonesia - at Galleries Lafayette, Pacific Place Jakarta, Indonesia. This facial treatment called 'Heart of The Ocean Ritual'. From the name itself you can tell this treatment incorporate some 'marine' thingy in about 45 minutes long facial treatment, which is the marine-based products by Thalgo, and unique sensory experience that virtually brings me to the heart of the ocean.

Are you curious about the treatment? First, lemme' explain a little bit about Thalgo, La Beauté Marine.

Probably some of you weren't familiar with the skincare and bodycare brand Thalgo, La Beauté Marine. Its the first Marine Cosmetology found by Andre Bouclet in 1964, with a philosophy to bring a genuine concentrate of marine effectiveness, such as algae and essential sea minerals - into skincare and bodycare products. Beside that, Thalgo also focus on facial and spa rituals that cleverly bring together a beauty result and deep relaxation for the body and mind.

Thalgo facial and spa rituals has been spread all over the world, and finally it has come to Indonesia. Firstly in Bali! It exclusively served the facial and spa rituals in some of the high-end Bali hotels, such as Conrad Bali and Ritz Carlton Bali. For those of you who live in the heart of the city Jakarta, you could try Thalgo facial treatment at Thalgo counter - Seibu, Grand Indonesia and Galleries Lafayette, Pacific Place. They also serve some of Thalgo skincare and bodycare products as well. Another good news, Thalgo will bring the facial and spa rituals exclusively in Keraton Hotel Jakarta, exactly on March 2017.

Get back to the main topic. So, in the Valentine's day a couple weeks ago, I had a privilege to try a facial treatment by Thalgo Indonesia at a very cozy place at Galleries Lafayette Premiere Lounge. The treatment handled by the expert Thalgo therapist Mba Yunita.

This 'Heart of The Ocean ritual' facial treatment is capable to be personalised according to each skin types to lastingly address imbalances, dehydration, dryness, sensitivity, imperfections, to help restore ideal quality of the beautiful skin. For me myself, I didn't have a serious skin problems, so I was using the very basic facial treatment, and here are the steps and products that used along the treatment.


First thing first, its time for the 'Discovery of The Sea' welcoming massage to introduce the world of marine beauty and initial sensorial contact from Thalgo therapist. This step is using Thalgo Reviving Marine Mist, to bring some balance and energy to the skin, also increases the effectiveness of skincare creams applied afterwards. This has the scent of refreshing sea spray and fresh flowers.

Active Ingredients:
- Sève Bleue from the Oceans
- Complex of 27 multi-revitalizing nutrients (8 minerals and trace elements, 18 amino acids and gluconate)


After the soothing welcome massage that gives me a total relax, then my face was being cleaned with Thalgo Express Make-up Remover. It throughly removes all the make-up, even the waterproof one, From eyes and lips in a single step. This product is scent free and surfactant free.

Active Ingredients:
- Sève Bleue from the ocean that hydrates skin, delivers immediate comfort
- Provitamin B5 to repair, strengthen and coat lashes to encourage their growth.


This step applied to double-cleanse my face, using Thalgo Cocooning Cleansing Milk & Tonic Lotion that softens, soothes and moisturises the skin for a velvet and supple feeling.

Active Ingredients:
- Gelidium Sesquipedale Extract
- Date Extract


So this is my favorite step, to exfoliate all the dirts on my face using Thalgo Melt-In Scrub With Marine Crystal. Its a triple action facial exfoliator that provides enzymatic peel and mechanical exfoliation in-depth-cleaning. The formula is rich in hypoallergenic papaya extract and salt crystals, also almond shell powder that helps to remove dead skin cells and refine the skin's texture. Beside that, it contains biopolymer of plant origin to dissolve lipids that clog pores.

Active Ingredients:
- Stabilised papaya extract hypoallergenic
- Diatomaceous earth almond shell powder
- Marine crystal biodegradable
- Exfoliating particles and lactic acid polymer
- Vegepol


After a good session of scrubbing to melt away the dirts on my face, my therapist applied Thalgo Hydra Marine Serum that feels incredibly refreshing. The melt-in gel helps reactivate the skin's natural detoxification process to deliver pure radiance and the original luminosity of the complexion.


After the serum, my therapist delivers another massage to my face in order to help the product absorbs well, by using Thalgo Oligo-Marine Massage Cream that has a marine-based formula. This features an ultra-soft, comfortable texture that formulated with sea water to re-mineralize and hydrate the skin. Unveils a softer, smoother, relaxed and revitalised complexion.

Active Ingredients:
- Sève Bleue from the Oceans
- Macadamia nut oil
- Raspberry seed oil


Its time to apply this ultra-fresh gel mask that has a cooling sensation for about 10-15 min. It offers the skin a breath of fresh air and an instant pick-me-up effect. In a flash, the skin regains its vitality and tone.

Active Ingredients:
- Salicylic Acid
- Moringa Seed Extract
- Complexe 02 ProtectHaematococus pluvialis + 1 peptide


Its the finishing part of this facial treatment, my therapist were using Thalgo Collagen Eye Roll-On to reduce puffiness and dark circles on my eyes. This concentrated in Marine Collagen that smooths fine lines and wrinkles, it instantly awakens and brightens my eyes.

Active Ingredients:
- Native Marine Collagen
- Caffeine Micropatch
- Actiflow


After 45 min treatment, Thalgo Ultra Matte Moisturizing Fluid is applied, infusing its minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients to the body. This step suit to anyone with combination or oily skin who wants an instant and long-lasting matte finish while maintaining optimum moisture level.

Active Ingredients:
- Controlamine Laminaria Extract (brown algae)
- Grapefruit Seed Natural Extract
- Cytobiol BardaneBurdock, Vitamin B8 and Zinc Complex
- Hollow Powders

Fiuhh... Just realized there are a lot of steps and products used! All I knew was just relax and enjoy the treatment, hahaha. But honestly, my face is really soft, smooth and supple after the treatment. I even didn't apply any make-up afterwards, cause my skin appeared clear and brighter. By the way, Thalgo Indonesia also gave me Thalgo Brightening Regulating Essence, Silicium Eye Cream and a whole sets of mini samples Thalgo Bodycare, all of them have the key ingredients of marine resources, algae and essentials sea minerals - that able to regenerate, moisturise, stimulate and nourish the skin. I'm so excited to review in the next post.

XOXO, Tiff
Photo & Video by Zake Wijaya


[EVENT REPORT] Launching Event Sariayu Inspirasi Gili Lombok, Color Trend 2017


Pada hari Sabtu 25 Februari 2017 lalu, aku menghadiri launching event Sariayu Martha Tilaar Inspirasi Gili Lombok, Color Trend 2017 - yang bertempatkan di León, Jakarta Selatan. Event pada siang hari itu diramaikan oleh para blogger, vlogger dan juga media. Semua memakai dress code terinspirasi dari warna kain tenun Gili Lombok, yaitu ungu, maroon, kuning/gold atau hijau.

Acara dimulai dengan penampilan dari Petra Sihombing, dan diiringi oleh Ibu Wulan Tilaar yang menyambut para undangan, serta ditemani oleh tiga beauty influencer; Suhay Salim, Sasyachi, Abel Cantika, bersama-sama membahas campaign kali ini yaitu #AkuCantikIndonesia.

"Wanita Indonesia, wanita dengan sejuta keunikan. Warna kulit yang beragam, wajah dan karakter yang khas telah menjadi simbol yang menyiratkan kecantikan alami Indonesia."

Dipadukan dengan kecintaan akan alam dan budaya Indonesia, Sariayu mengangkat keindahan Lombok sebagai inspirasi kecantika. Hingga terciptalah SARIAYU COLOR TREND INSPIRASI GILI LOMBOK 2017.

Nah, pada kesempatan ini, Sariayu juga mengenalkan dua Brand Ambassador terbarunya yaitu Tika Bravani dan Mareike Brenda. Keduanya memiliki ciri khas cantik Indonesia tersendiri.

Selain menjadi salah satu pulau yang kaya akan keindahan alam, Lombok juga dikenal akan keindahan budayanya yang sangat khas yaitu sarung songket yang biasa digunakan pada saat upacara adat. Setiap kain songket di berbagai daerah di Lombok memiliki ciri khas dan makna tersendiri, seperti salah satunya yaitu Kain Tenun Mbojo yang berasal dari Bima. Motif kain tenun inilah yang akhirnya menjadi warna inspirasi untuk koleksi terbaru dari Sariayu.

Saat pertama kali memasuki ruangan, terlihat produk Sariayu Inspirasi Gili Lombok dipajang di setiap sudut ruangan, ada diatas meja para tamu, serta dicounter Sariayu pada event tersebut. Aku dan teman-teman blogger/vlogger lainnya berkesempatan untuk mencoba produk terbaru sariayu. Salah satunya yang aku pakai yaitu Sariayu Duo Lip Color shade GL-04, ini merupakan perpaduan warna pink dan orange, yang terlihat sangat fresh dan cocok sama kepribadianku yang ceria, hehe.

Selain itu, terdapat warna-warna lainnya yang ga kalah cantik, mulai dari warna pink, orange, kuning dan keemasan. Serta dilengkapi dengan warna yang lebih tua seperti coklat, ungu, biru tua dan hitam. Semuanya terdapat dalam tiga produk terbaru Sariayu, yaitu Liquid Eyeshadow, Eyeshadow Kit, dan Duo Lip Color (Glossy dan Matte dalam satu kemasan). Setiap produk mengandung ekstrak tanaman Flamboyan, Amethys powder, vitamin E dan SPF - yang dapat merawat kulit kelopak mata dan bibir, sekaligus melindungi dari iritasi dan pengaruh buruk sinar matahari.

Pada kesempatan ini, para blogger/vlogger ditantang untuk menciptakan kreasi makeup memakai produk terbaru Sariayu Inspirasi Gili Lombok. Seperti yang terlihat dalam videoku dibawah ini, aku menyempurnakan makeupku dengan menggunakan Sariayu Duo Lip Color shade GL-04. Di dalam satu kemasan ini terdapat glossy dan matte finish. Aku menggunakan finish yang matte untuk bagian kelopak mata dan pipiku, lalu finish yang glossy untuk bibirku.

Lalu, acara dilanjuti dengan pengumuman pemenang best OOTD dan best Make-Up Creation. Stefany Talita menangkan best Make-Up Creation, serta Abel Cantika dan Tiara Nabila memenangkan best OOTD - yang dihadiahkan tiket ke Lombok untuk dua orang.

Seusai acara, Sariayu juga menghadiahi blogger/vlogger yang hadir dengan hampers produk Sariayu Inspirasi Gili Lombok. Ditunggu review dan swatch rangkaian produk Sariayu Inspirasi Gili Lombok di post aku berikutnya ya!

XOXO, Tiff
Photo & Video by Zake Wijaya