Embrace Simplicity


I love the things simple and aesthetic when it comes to fashion, photography and places. This time I found the newly opened cafe/beauty/grooming joints, named 'ShopHaus' which is located in Menteng, Central Jakarta area. The place is quite big, with lots of opening, high ceiling, white wall, spiral staircase, and few unique details.

To match out the background, I wore basic dark grey cropped top that I got from Topshop. I guess that I wore this soooo many times, cause yeah everyone loves basic, right? And to make my entire outfit not-so-boring, I paired my basic with white pants from ATSTHELABEL, which making a statement by itself. Unlike the normal white pants that I'm quite insecure to wore it outside, but this pants has a layered details on the side, makes it look like a skirt in few angles and hide my huge thigh, hahaha. 

Not forget to mention, I completed my look with white platform sandals from Coppelia. Actually, I bought this sandals for my upcoming Jogjakarta trip, cause there will be a lot of walking and photoshoot in between. Instead of wearing sneakers which is not suit to most of my outfit, I guess this white sandals gonna works well. Plus its really comfy, lightweight and tall enough to balance out my figure.

Top: Topshop
Platform Sandals: Coppelia

XOXO, Tiff
Photo by Zake Wijaya


Christmas Gift Ideas 2016


Christmas is the time of giving and receiving gifts, and its just about few more sleeps away! Have you prepared the gifts for your beloved ones? If you haven't, here I want to share few ideas that could be a perfect gift for Christmas. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it should be meaningful, fun and of course given purely from our heart. 

The first gift ideas that would be perfect is definitely a scarf, and you could give this to your sister, mom, girl friends, or even boy friends. I got this premium silk scarf in "Wavy" from Lumiere & Co Scarf. Go check out their Instagram @lumiere_co for more series of scarfs.

Secondly, the beauty products is such a perfect gift you could give to mom, sister or girl friends. Especially lips product, because you can get any colors without consider about the skin problems/skin tones, and YES! lipstick is a girl's best friend, right?

I'm so excited to introduce you my current favorite Kiss Proof Lips Liquid from Klara Cosmetics that is available at Sephora Stores. If you have read my REVIEW about this lip product, this lip liquid comes in varieties of pretty and playful colors from nude to bright color, plus it has really good formula that is totally pigmented in matte finish, blend-able, not drying on the lips, transfer proof and kiss proof too. I bet your mom, sister or girl friends will love this for sure! 

One more fashion item you could give as a Christmas gift is accessories. Try to find something unique and suit to your friend's style. Or you could get one of my favorite earrings from Sapto for Gaudi at Gaudi Clothing

The next gift ideas I would recommend, a package of detox tea from Teatox n Co. Cause being healthy is never goes out of style. Since I just done my 14 days detoxing journey with Teatox n Co, I found this product is really good, I'm in love with the packaging and the whole detoxing journey. You should get one too, cause their Christmas packaging is just... To die for. Get this 'Joyeux Noe' Christmas special edition at Teatox n Co Website.

Last but not least, a perfect Christmas gift won't be perfect without sweets. Find these cute and yummy sweets at BEAU by Talita Setyadi at Jalan Cikajang No. 29, Senopati, Jakarta. Or contact them at +622127517454 or Email to 

These are my Christmas gift ideas that I would recommend. Let me know in the comment box below, what kind of Christmas gift you would get to your beloved ones? 

XOXO, Tiff 
Photo by Zake Wijaya


Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips Review


In the early December 4th on Sunday, I attended IMAE 2016 (International Make-Up Artis Expo) at Balai Kartini, Jakarta. I went there on the third day for Klara Cosmetics beauty talk. On the stage, Klara Sabotkoski as the founder explained her own cosmetics brand along with a short make-up tutorial by MUA by using Klara Cosmetics products. 

Klara Cosmetics is the Australian brand, that firstly launched in Australia in 2013. It is known for their hyper pigmented cosmetics formula allows a three dimensional look that make eyes sparkle and lips pop. They give the illusion that the skin is glowing from within. The extensive and edgy colour assortment inspires creativity, self-expression, and totally fashion-forward. The long-lasting performance and blend-able texture is on of the highlight of the entire cosmetics line. 

One of the best-selling product from Klara Cosmetics is the Kiss Proof Lips that comes in 16 shades, from classic nudes to the hottest notice-me colours. 

I got my Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips in the shades #4 (Neon Pink) and #11 (Psycho Violet). It so much fun to play around with their vibrant colours, cause it is 100% pigmented in matte finish, full coverage and the high voltage shades really make my lips pop in 60 seconds! 

#4 Neon Pink
#11 Psycho Violet
Another things I want to highlight on my review for Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips, 
- It comes in sleek packaging, with thin applicator that makes easy to apply.
- I love the formula, its creamy, blend-able, lightweight and doesn't dry on my lips at all. But for those of you who deal with dry lips, make sure to exfoliate and wear lip balm first before swathing this lip liquid on your lips.
- There are variation of pretty colors that really pops out and long-lasting.
- Its transfer proof and literally KISS PROOF!

The good news, Klara Cosmetics is now available at Sephora Indonesia Stores. Don't forget to try it yourself and let me know which colour you love the most.

XOXO, Tiff
Photo and Video by Zake Wijaya


My Detox Journey with Teatox n Co


This festive season is meant to be enjoyed with family and friends, there are lots of good times, and also good foods too! Since I've been eating out often this month, I think its better to balance it out with exercise regularly, drink a lot of water and this time I'm trying to include my detox tea every morning and nighttime. But of course, I wouldn't pick any kind of detox tea out of nowhere. The only detox tea that I drink is from Teatox & Co. Cause they are trusted since 2015 - for their high quality detox tea that only contains 100% natural ingredients.

If you have not familiar about detox tea, or you are just about to try one. Detox tea or normally called teatox is the tea that has a perfect blend of the high quality leaves and herbs. It believed could detoxify and flush the toxins out from the body. So its really good for those who want to have a healthy weight loss and reduce bloating. 

The detox tea from Teatox & Co consists of Good Morning Tea (GMT) and Good Night Tea (GNT). Its better to drink both, every morning and nighttime in 14 days. 

Here are more details about the GMT and GNT, as well as the amazing benefits that I got during my detox journey, 


Jasmine green tea, yerba mate, oolong, rooibos, goji berries, and other amazing ingredients. 

How to prepare 
Pour 1 teaspoon of GMT to 200ml boiling water in a cup of tea/tumbler, then let it sit for 5 mins and enjoy this GMT before breakfast. 

- Reduces appetite 
I felt less hungry when drinking detox tea, so it make me less likely to indulge in snack or any kind of junk foods. 
- Increases metabolism 
As we know, a little caffeine from good detox tea in the morning could increase the metabolism throughout the day. And a fast metabolism is such a great tool to improve the body's natural detoxing. 
- Boosts the immune system and energy 
Amounts of antioxidant when drinking tea regularly, surely could boost the immune system and provide me lots of energy. 
- Improves skin clarity, better mood and thinking 
A good detox is seen from the inside out. After few days drinking my detox tea, I noticed my skin gets clearer and acne goes away. Also I feel good everyday, had a clearer mindset, and likely to choose my food wisely. 


Senna leaf, rheum palmatum, lotus leaf, hoelen, peppermint, and other amazing ingredients. 

How to prepare 
Steep 1 teabag of GNT to 100ml boiling water in a cup of tea/tumbler, then let it sit 2-3 mins and enjoy this GNT before bedtime, every other night starting from day one of the detox program. The longer we steep the tea bag, the stronger the effect will be. 

- Flushes toxins out from the body 
Everyday we deal with amount of toxins from the air we breathe, the processed foods, as well as the stress we had in daily life. With a good tea before bedtime, this will detoxify the body even while I'm sleeping. So I could feel better when I woke up. 
- Improves digestive system and reduce bloating 
One of the noticeable effect that I got through my detox journey that my digestive system has been sped up, I guess it shown that my body is in detoxifying mode. Also the most importantly, I feel less bloating. 
- Healthy weight loss 
Since I've been gaining weight due to eating out a lot lately, by including this 14 days detox tea journey with Teatox & Co, I could finally get back to my normal weight again. YAYY!

- Eat light throughout the day, include more fruits and veggies
- Stay away from oily and processed food as possible
- Drink a lot of water
- Mix in some honey/lemon for a better tea flavor
- Exercise regularly to help removing toxins through sweat
- Beauty hacks, refrigerate the teabags and use it as eye mask to get rid of dark circles under eyes.
- And last but not least, stay close with the toilet! 

Once again thank you Teatox & Co for letting me try the goodness of detox tea both Good Morning Tea and Good Night Tea. 

Beside all the amazing benefits, I'm seriously in love with their Christmas packaging and the cute double-glass tumbler. You can get this 'Joyeux Noel' box from Teatox & Co Christmas Edition, its available on their website. And don't forget to check out their Instagram, to see more review as well as healthy lifestyle guidelines. 

XOXO, Tiff 
Photo by Zake Wijaya


Chilling Sunday at Mister Sunday


Starting out this week with such a chilling Sunday at Mister Sunday Cafe, Cikajang. Kinda loving this cafe a lot. Especially in the early morning, it has a good natural Sunlight and the overall ambiance is very homey and aesthetic. 

Mister Sunday cafe itself actually renown for their dessert, as one of the good brownies in town. Sadly I didn't try it out, cause I didn't have appetite in eating brownies in the early morning. But I will eat their brownies in my next visit. If you have try it out, let me know is it that good? 

Anyway, it such a chilling Sunday to have a chilling outfit. So I wore my sweater dress that I got from Pomelo Fashion, and my sheer kimono printed in golden leaves from one of my favorite local brand Shopatvelvet. Short story, I felt so lucky to get this piece of kimono, cause one second after I bought from Shopatvelvet webstore, it was literally SOLD OUT. 

What I love about this kimono is because it comes in sheered that I thought will be easy to match with any kind of outfit colors, and it will look perfect on basic top/dress too. As you can see, my kimono works well with my basic sweater dress, and it makes a perfect covering as I didn't feel comfortable in wearing kind of short dresses. What do you think? 

Sweater dress: Pomelo Fashion
Sheer Kimono: Shopatvelvet
Shoes: Steve Madden 

XOXO, Tiff 
Photo by Zake Wijaya


First Day in December


I know its already in the middle of December. But late is better than nothing at all, right?

At the first day of December, I attended The Body Shop event in Mall Kasablanka. We were having a red dress-code for the event. But actually I didn't have a 'literally' red outfit, so I wore my velvety red-ish top. Yeah just pretend its red! I paired my top with the newly-bought wrap skirt by Sapto for Gaudi and accessorised it with the earrings that I got as a souvenir from Sapto for Gaudi capsule collection fashion show.

Top: Pomelo Fashion
Skirt and earrings: Sapto for Gaudi
Shoes: Steve Madden

XOXO, Tiff
Photo by Zake Wijaya

Fashion Show

Sapto for Gaudi Clothing Capsule Collection Fashion Show


On November, 30th 2016, at Qubicle Centre, Senopati - Sapto Djojokartiko as Indonesian fashion designer, collaborated with Gaudi Clothing to release the capsule collection in 87 designs. All the collection are designed based on Sapto's signature style that mostly play with the patterns, textures, layers and details. As well as the color choices are mostly in earthy tones, such as beige, brown, grey, black, white as well as army and dusty pink.

The collaboration of Sapto for Gaudi presented ready-to-wear pieces including top, dress, outerwear, shorts, trousers and skirts. The designs are meant for modern and stylish women who are likely to wear simple and over-sized style of clothing. You can get Sapto for Gaudi collection at Gaudi Clothing webstore or any selected stores.

The Sapto for Gaudi capsule collection fashion show were attended by the bloggers, influencers and medias. As well as Clozetters that accidentally wore matching outfit!

XOXO, Tiff
Photo by Tiffani Kosasih


Pink for The New Pond's White Beauty


This is my first time working on campaign video for the skincare product, and its one of my favorite skincare brand Pond's. The campaign tells about my sport activity in the morning made me exposed to the Sunlight a little bit too much. And Pond's Institute discovers that only in 10 minutes being outside, can trigger 10 stubborn dark spots and darkening skin problems. By using Pond's White Beauty Moisturizer that is formulated with Vitamin B3+, it helps to repair and protect the skin.

This Pond's White Beauty Moisturizer is such a convenient moisturizer that you can wear anywhere and anytime. It has a creamy texture but when you applied, it makes a powdery finish and the skin will appear bright just like wearing a powder. For the better result, I used to wear it everyday before my sport activity outside. Even though I'm sweating while working out, I found that Pond's White Beauty Moisturizer didn't fade away and still making my face looks bright and flawless. #lawan10nodaku

For those of you who are likely doing activity outside, kindly share your beauty essential to protect your skin the Sunlight in the comment box below :)

XOXO, Tiff
Video and Photo by Zake Wijaya


Christmas Vibes in Balado Red


Hello readers! So sorry I've been lacking on outfit updates for my blog lately, but you could always get my latest OOTD on my Instagram.

Short story, I was looking for the cafe in Jakarta that has a homey vibes to do a quick photoshoot for @teatoxnco (will update the review on my blog soon), and finally stumbled into this Lucky Cat Coffee, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan. This is the first time I visited this cafe after few recommendation from my friends. 

My boyfie and I arrived at 9AM to get a morning Sunlight and we thought it would be less-crowded if we went there soon. But sadly the cafe was kinda packed too, lots of people were having brunch in here. Luckily we still managed to get a good pictures for my @teatoxnco photos.

By looking at all the corners in Lucky Cat Coffee made me want to have few outfit shots too. It seems like my outfit kinda matched most of the backgrounds. Don't you agree? I wore a simple cammel-brown top from Gaudi Clothing, and spotted my warrior balado red clutch from local designer B-Yo. Its my current faves, I love how its making a statement and brings out the christmas vibes from my entire outfit.

Top: Gaudi Clothing
Pants: Zara
Hat: Topshop
Shoes: Mango

XOXO, Tiff
Photo by Zake Wijaya