[REVIEW] Snail White Day Cream with SPF 20 PA+++


A while ago, I visited Bangkok for traveling. Then, my sister asked me to buy Snail White Cream, so I bought it from drugstore in Bangkok. The lady in drugstore told me this Snail White Cream by Namu Life is very popular in Thailand, which made me quite curious about this product. 

Few days after I got back from Bangkok, I saw that Snail White Cream is now available in Sociolla! So I attempt to get one of the best-selling Snail White product - Snail White Day Cream with SPF 20 PA+++. 

I’m wondering whether its really using ‘snail’ as a key ingredients? And yes they are using Snail Secretion Filtrate. Even though it might sound disgusting, but it has been proven to naturally helps regenerate healthy skin complexion. Beside that, its also enriched with Soliberine extracting from Butterfly Bush, all-in-one complete skin’s protector from UVA, UVB, infrared and blue light that mainly causing dull skin, dark spots, and premature wrinkles. Sounds cool, right? So this Snail White Day Cream is like the combination of skin treatment and protection, as the highlight of the product is to; REGENERATE, RECOVERY, REPAIRING, RESTORE, & RENEW. 

Now I’m really excited to try this product and see how’s the result on my skin. But first, let’s take a moment to adore the packaging! Its well-packed in an innovative packaging, with a hygienic pump that protects the content from the contamination of bacteria from the air.

For the application, it’s the same as a regular moisturizer just spread evenly over cleansed face and neck every morning to restore the skin’s healthy complexion. It also can be used as a makeup base that provides a good hydration also instantly brightens my skin tone. Even though it has SPF properties, it doesn’t mean you just use it when you’re about to go out, you can use this even at home, to prevent both of harmful UV and blue light from TV, computer, and phone screens. 

I’ve been using this for almost two weeks as either day cream and base makeup. I love how the texture is kinda thick at first but its absorbed quickly onto the skin, brightens my skin and gives a healthy glow instantly! Even somehow when I go out, I just use Snail White Day Cream without any makeup and my skin looks quite fine. 

For my complexion, I can really see my skin gets brighter, clearer and more hydrated now! As for my sister who suffered from acne lately, she said this Snail White Day Cream helps reduce the appearance of acnes and redness. 

If you’re interested to try Snail White Day Cream, now you can get it at Sociolla, atau klik di link ini www.sociolla.com/313_snailwhite and don’t forget to use my discount code “SBNLA9W7” to enjoy IDR 50,000 off with minimum payment IDR 250,000! 


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