White Intimate Blogger Gathering


I had really fun day with pretty and fashionable ladies at the blogger gathering - Female Daily Headquarter on March 5th 2016. Event featuring Lactacyd White Intimate whereas having us fairy blue and white dress code. 
Through the event, we are having a little bit of white fashion talk that was brilliant and helpful for some of us as a fashion blogger! Cause we know that wearing white sometimes really tricky, here I have blogged about why white works earlier on my blog.
 Beside that, we also had a short presentation about Lactacyd White Intimate directly from the expert. For me as Lactacyd's loyal customer, I wore the green ones which is the 'fresh' series. Now, they have launched the new product - the 'white intimate' series intended for brighten the skin around miss V!

 They explained why and how the skin area around miss V can be darkened. It could be due to too many activities that can cause sweat and the friction between skin and tight underwear. Lactacyd as one of the best feminine hygiene products around the world, contribute the solution to brighten the skin area around miss V because it contains jicama, milk and algowhite that had been clinically tested efficient for brighten the skin and can be seen the progress in only four weeks as daily used.

We also had a few competition including 'best social media post' and 'best OOTD'! For the social media post, we required to post our best three pictures to either Instagram or Twitter.

And for the 'best OOTD', I got a chance to explain the concept of my outfit of the day. I was wearing BACK TO 90'S with my high colar shirt with a sweet touch of flare detail on my sleeve paired with my favorite baby blue a-line skirt overall! Not forget to mention I was wearing my lace up shoes as well. I love this combo, making me look younger. Some of them even noticed me as 18s :D

Check out my OOTD at whatwelike.co


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